We are a  branding and animation studio partnering with big & small companies for challenging projects.

Our design adds value
We believe design doesn't exist in a vacuum and should add value to your company either by making a very precise brand identity or telling a riveting on point animated message.
We consider the Whole Picture
Every project has a context, a purpose and a goal.
By asking judicious questions, and empathizing with our clients, we stay on track towards an exciting result.

We are a fexible bunch
No client is the same and we are very adaptable to their needs. Our clients get custom work which reflects their personality and responds to their specific branding needs.
We Believe that brand identity is about being distinctive

We like a challenge
We help explain complicated data in simple friendly ways.
Given  enough time, there is not nut we can’t crack !

Marie De Roo • Creative director

They worked with us
“A word to the wise is enough. This saying applies 100% to Marie, designer at wholepicture. Based on very rudimentary ideas, she is able to create beautiful, to-the-point designs. This helps us tremendously in making our customers understand our product better.” 
Jonas De Keuster • VP Product Marketing  www.vaultspeed.com
"They understand the difference between good and better. And they will explain to you what that difference is. That's why we love working with them. "
Gunter Boutsen • Marketing Specialist
" They revamped our total brand identity to reflect our young luxury renovation company. They were very creative in their approche. We had a lot of fun working with them. "
Maxime Gaffory • CEO www.monconcepthabitation.com
"We needed a nice logo and recommandations for the restaurant design in a short time and they got us through the finish line on time with great designs for the space, logo and neons."
Adam • Co-Founder of www.basis.paris
" 360 creative support that illustrated a total rebranding of our brand. Differentiating, trendsetting and innovative, this collaboration has made us one of the major players in our sector."
Mathis Bouquillion • Image and Communication Director for kikikickz.com
" Whole Picture has greatly contributed to the development of our company by developing a branding strategy and refining our editorial line. They also created our logo which totally corresponds to our universe and which has contributed to our success and sets us apart from our competitors… If you need a quality designer, you have come to the right place."
Allan Labielle Founder of

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